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At Red Owl Media,

we have many options

too curate to your wedding video needs. 


Choose between the standard and extended options for your highlight video. Each option providing their own benefit in telling your love story through the lens you find the most appealing. 

The differences between our two highlight video options go deeper than just the length.

The differences, as you'll come to see, come down to every stitch of the edit. Each option being unique from the other in style and story. 


All Packages Include

Heart & Hands
  • Highlight video (varying in length)

  • First look Clip (If Applicable)

  • Ceremony Video

  • Reception Intro clip

  • Compilation edit of Dances

  • Compilation edit of Speeches


  • All other applicable footage of events within coverage restraints  (Cake cutting, Bouquet / Garter toss, reception games, ceremonial send offs ect.) 

The Standard option 

The Extended option

When you Purchase the extended Highlight video, you'll receive all of your wedding video files on a customized USB thumb drive gift. 

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Feel free to inquire about more examples of our work and we will happily provide countless examples from our many satisfied clients!